CEE 3104: Introduction to Environmental Engineering

This course serves as an introduction to the key topics in environmental engineering. A key focus is on the development of critical problem solving skills. Example Syllabus


CEE 4114: Fundamentals of Public Health Engineering

In this class we examine the fundamental reasons WHY sanitation,  the provision of clean potable water, and the protection of air are crucial to the well being of society. Example Syllabus


CEE 5104: Environmental Chemistry

In this class we introduce environmental chemistry and explain how it is similar, yet different from most chemistry courses taught within a chemistry department. Example Syllabus.


Environmental Organic Chemistry

This course examines how the structures of organic chemicals dictate their environmental fate. Example Syllabus.


Environmental Nanotechnology

Students enrolled in this course learn about the essential topics that define the field of environmental chemistry. Example Syllabus.


GRAD 5134: Sustainable Nanotechnology

This course addresses the characteristics, processes, and dynamics of interdisciplinary research teams that facilitate success, as well as strategies to manage conflict among research teams. The concepts will be applied throughout the semester, as students work in interdisciplinary teams to complete course assignments. Example Syllabus.


CEE 6984: Technology for Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is an important 21st century goal that must be met if human society is to survive. One mechanism by which such success can be achieved is through the development of novel approaches to address critical human and ecological needs. One potential approach is to take advantage of the incredible technological gains that have been made both in nanotechnology as well as in data analytics and biotechnology.  Students in this course will learn the basics of sustainability science and will then learn how technology is being used to address emerging problems such as water scarcity, antibiotic resistance, energy production, and climate change. Syllabus.


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